Profil Mutu Lulusan Madrasah

Sumarni Sumarni


The research is conducted to know the quality of madrasah graduate profile seen from many aspects or variables, namely, “student academic” and “non-academic achievement”, and “the perception of consumer (parents and teachers) toward the graduate and profile of input” and the quality of madrasah graduate” such as learning medium, the student and teacher characteristic, and the school management as the supporting factors. the research method used is survey with quantitative approach. the result of the research indicates that generally madrasah graduates are not be able to complete with public school graduates-both academically and non-academically. however, the perception of educational consumer related to students’ attitude, participation I religious activities, student creativity, etc. is perceived as good enough. they feel satisfied enough to the madrasah graduate. the school management in madrasah is also good enough but it has not been supported by the infrastructurals input, namely such as physical building condition, library and laboratory, and so forth.


the quality of madrasah graduate profile; achievement; madrasah

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