Ahmad Barizi Barizi


A lecturer (dosen) is a teacher at higher learning institutions. Their very existence, roles and functions are an undeniable necessity. There will be no education without the presence of a lecturer. A lecturer is the decisive factor in determining the direction and systematics of instructions from the curriculum,facilities,patterns, and even the efforts on how students should study well to gain access to the knowledge and values of Therefore, a lecturer's duty is noble but heavy. But then, what strategy should be used to motivate a lecturer to implement that noble duty? How can a higher learning institution or university create a mature and independent person? What educational system should a university adopt so as not to create people who only grow older but also those who grow up? What significant approach should be used to solve the problem concerning the current ethics of professionalism? It is deemed necesszy that these problems should receive proper attention from the administrators, managers, and supervisors of the educational system at higher learning institutions or unitersities. This ankle will provide answers to the above problems.


lecturer; higher learning institutions;

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